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The care of patients with cancer has changed dramatically in the last decade and the pace of this change is only expected to increase with the rapid emergence of groundbreaking treatments. Through oncology CE and CME, oncologists and other healthcare providers stay up to date with all of the latest breakthroughs in chemotherapy, radiation therapy, novel therapies and multidisciplinary strategies that are improving outcomes for patients. Moreover, oncology CE/CME provides rapid access to expert insights on different cancer treatment strategies based on the available clinical efficacy and safety data, cost, patient preferences, and other factors that clinicians must consider for the optimal care of their patients. Our oncology continuing education permits the entire multidisciplinary healthcare team that cares for patients with cancer to continue the study and learnings necessary to maintain professional excellence over a lifetime of service while improving the delivery of quality care. Participate in a free oncology continuing education live event, webinar or online activity today.