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Improving the Clinical Impact of Continuing Education: Integrating Multiple Educational Models and Formative Analysis to Optimize Outcomes


CME providers need to be focused on delivering education that moves away from the “one and done” mentality and toward curriculum-based approaches—not the static, immovable curricula of the past, but dynamic, flexible educational models that both ensure multiple exposures and continuous teaching moments and are designed to address educational needs as they evolve and change. This white paper outlines how specific educational frameworks incorporate elements such as formative assessment and reinforcement to strengthen the impact of education on learners.


Feedback on this White Paper from Our CME Colleagues

"This White Paper provides valuable insights for continuing medical educators. The authors suggest an educational design model to improve application of knowledge, performance change, patient care, and population health outcomes. The proposed delivery method is dynamic, multifaceted, and flexible."
– Sandy Breslow, Sr. Director, and Anne Symons, Director, Accreditation and Compliance, Elsevier Office of Continuing Medical Education

"Relevant topic. I found the CCO White Paper very useful, and very aligned to recent conversations and presentations I have heard. The pace of change is an important element that needs to be increasingly highlighted in our industry.
– John Ruggiero, PhD, MPA, CHCP, Associate Director, Genentech, U.S. Medical Affairs, Learning & Clinical Integration

"A sea change is needed to redesign medical education. I love that the paper calls out core market dynamics (too much data, all the time, need for formative assessments, etc.) and offers a proposed response."
– Nancy Paynter, Director, Genentech, Learning & Clinical Integration Team, Medical Affairs

"Great manuscript. Provides a current and needed review of how today’s clinicians learn in an ever increasingly complex environment. In order to remain relevant, CME must be able to move the needle toward achievement of the Triple Aim: improving patient care; improving population health; and reducing cost. CCO is clearly well positioned to do just that."
–Michael R. Lemon, MBA, FACEHP, CHCP, Postgraduate Institute for Medicine

Released: June 08, 2016

Expiration: June 07, 2017

No longer available for credit.


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